The must-eat foods checklist for a visit to New York City

THE Big Apple’s history and identity is best explored through its food – dishes given a new home by waves of immigrant communities and turned into New York City icons.



1. Ice Cream Cone


There is no Rocky Road, salted caramel or chili, just eight classic, all-natural flavours: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chocolate chunk, strawberry, chocolate chocolate chunk, peaches and cream, butter pecan and coffee – made with the finest ingredients.


2. Hot Dog


A classic NYC frank: all-beef in a natural casing, which is grilled (no dirty-water dogs here) and served on a toasted bun with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard.


3. Bagel


Today, The Traditional Sandwich – a bagel filled with Nova Scotia smoked salmon, plain cream cheese, Lucky’s beefsteak tomatoes, red onions and capers, served with a pickle and coleslaw – has breathed new life into a New York classic.


4. Doughnut


Each of Dun-Well’s organic doughnuts is made by hand and there are more than 200 flavours in rotation, from traditional varieties such as glazed, chocolate and jam-filled to inventive concoctions such as root beer, tangerine basil and black licorice.


5. Pizza


While Chicago has its “deep-dish” pizza and Californian pizza is light and doughy, New York’s regional style developed a thin crust that allows for faster cooking – essential in a city where everyone’s always in a hurry.


6. Pastrami on Rye


This is the New York sandwich: heaps of smoked, black-edged slices of pastrami squeezed inside two pieces of rye bread and smothered in yellow mustard, accompanied by pickles.


7. New York Cheesecake


At Lady M, owner and creator Ken Romaniszyn has combined French techniques and Japanese style to bring a new, lighter take on the baked cheesecake. His gateau fromage features a thin base of shortbread cookie crust and a soft, silky and creamy topping with a hint of vanilla.


8. Cocktail


Today the bar adds dry vermouth to the gin, fresh lemon juice, house made raspberry syrup and an egg white mix to turn it from a fruity gin drink to something more grown-up.


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