Manhattan Boutique Real Estate Sponsors International Night

True to its mission to unify and exemplify the beauty and the riches of the cultures of approximately 600 children, Beekman Hill International School stage “International Night”. This activity gives each student an opportunity to learn about the histories and holidays of their classmates, especially the range of cultures around them.


To let the children know that they are part of a beautiful global community, Beekman Hill International School showcase over 20 different countries in the cultural pavilion area, including the 10 different performances of music and dance from around the world. On top of that, the food also features flavors of the world (donated by the school community). Having all these in mind, the children were able to travel around the world in their very own school building.


Beekman Hill International School, is not your average New York City public school. Many of the UN and Business families send their children to this school because the area is nearby the United Nations and Midtown East.

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