8 Best Waterfront Developments in New York City

From the shores of Brooklyn to the rim of Manhattan and the west side of Queens, we’ve found the best in new housing on the waterfront — all with views for miles and plenty of upper-crust extras like rooftop terraces and indoor pools.


It wasn’t too long ago that waterfront living in the city was for those too poor to live elsewhere, and a New Yorker could go weeks or more without even thinking about the numerous blue-green bodies that surround the island of Manhattan. No more. Between former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push to add parks to the outer rims of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and the rezoning of large waterfront swaths to accommodate higher-density housing — particularly in north Brooklyn and Queens — the NYC waterfront has emerged as some of the city’s hottest real estate for those looking for luxury living and sun-dappled water views — and that’s even after substantial Superstorm Sandy setbacks in 2012.


According to an analysis by DNAinfo.com, recent sales numbers in select areas of the Rockaways in Queens and the Financial District in Manhattan show that buyers are overlooking potential storms, rising tides and sky-high flood insurance in favor of shiny new appliances, landscaped roofs and, of course, killer views. Indeed, waterfront developments the city over continue to command top dollar for both rental and condo units. With this flood of new options in mind, we’ve singled out our eight favorite waterfront developments in New York City. These buildings have the best views, the best amenities and the best access to the water.


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