NonProfits receiving donations from Realtors & Lenders

Something new, innovative, and unique is now available for nonprofits as a way to increase their flow of new donations.


      REBSEA, the Real Estate & Business Social Enterprises Association, has just released its Member Directory of over 300 Realtors and lenders across the U.S. and Canada who donate a part of each commission to a nonprofit chosen by their client. It can be viewed at


      REBSEA members are now contacting the nonprofits in their communities and delivering a ‘Presentation Package’ explaining the REBSEA program and how they can begin to receive donations simply by informing their supporters about this innovative new program.  The program is being received with extraordinary enthusiasm by nonprofits who grasp the potential of how this can be a real ‘game changer’ for them as a way to raise money on an ongoing sustainable basis.  After all, a percentage of their supporters, plus people they know, are going to be buying or selling a home each year.  Now they can turn an event that was going to happen anyway into a significant donation to a cause that they are passionate about.


     REBSEA members work with nonprofits in a variety of ways to create and sustain awareness of this program among their supporters.   Emails explaining the program can be sent.  The REBSEA program can be included on their website.  REBSEA members can attend their fundraising events.  Working together there are many things they can do to make the REBSEA program an important part of their ongoing fundraising efforts.  This is social enterprise, joining a sustainable business with a social need.  REBSEA is one of the many new models arising to align the business community with the nonprofit sector.


     REBSEA is a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association.  All donations go directly from Members to the chosen nonprofit.  REBSEA’s role is simply to create the infrastructure that drives traffic to its members so that they can make donations to any and all nonprofits chosen by their clients.  REBSEA members have already donated millions to a many nonprofits both international and local.  A partial list of these nonprofits can be seen at with new recipients being added regularly.


     For more information about REBSEA or to answer any questions you may have please contact REBSEA directly at or you may call toll free at 855 352 4973  EST.

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