5 Tribeca Film Festival Features You Must Look Out For

This weekend saw the close of the 13th annual Tribeca Film Festival, a cinematic celebration that stretches across lower Manhattan and presents a wide selection of movies as well as star-studded events. This year, TFF boasted the world premiere of documentaries like Björk: Biophilia Live, and the Nas-centered Time is Illmatic, as well as eye-catching narratives like About Alex and Every Secret Thing. It made a home for films by first-time directors, like Jordan Rubin’s Zombeavers and Courteney Cox’s Just Before I Go, alongside Jon Favreau’s Chef, and John Carney’s Begin Again. Plus there were free drive-in style screenings of Mary Poppins and Splash. In short, the Tribeca Film Festival had something for everyone. 
There was so much to choose from this year, it was easy to feel overwhelmed by the Tribeca Film Festival’s offerings. But the good news is this is a festival that has a sizeable number of selections nearly guaranteed to be distributed. So I’ve poured over the titles and buzz to single out the five films you must see as soon as they hit a theater or VOD platform near you. 
Love Is Strange
What It’s About: Alfred Molina and John Lithgow star as George and Ben, a pair of educated gay men who get married after decades of being each other’s partners. But when this move gets George fired from his teaching position at a Catholic school, they lose their posh apartment and are forced to separate to crash the couches of friends and family. 
Why It Can’t Be Missed: Writer-director Ira Sachs hits his stride with this confident but elegant romantic drama. It’s an impeccable ensemble piece that will make you laugh and cry in abundance. Not only does this drama focus on the captivating story of Ben and George, but also it delves into the inner lives of the loved ones who aid and irritate them. Molina and Lithgow are extraordinary here, but standout supporting turns are also offered by Cheyenne Jackson, Marisa Tomei, and Charlie Tahan. In short, Love is Strange is too sensational to be missed. 
source: cinemablend.com

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