Italian cinema returns to Lincoln Center’s Film Society

Wacthing movies has always been a great family bonding for a lot of reasons. Others watch movies because they want to unwind, to relax or maybe to think about things,to laugh or simply just a change of pace.


This year, Italian cinema returns to Lincoln Center’s Film Society with the 13th edition of Open Roads: New Italian Cinema, an annual showcase of contemporary Italian cinema. This exceptionally strong and diverse edition includes the latest work from established veterans alongside promising new talents from both the commercial and independent spheres.


This year’s lineup includes the two main prizewinners from both the Venice and Rome Film Festivals—Gianfranco Rosi’s documentary Sacro GRA and Alberto Fasulo’s docudrama Tir—and also underscores the emergence of documentary as a breeding ground for some of the most exciting recent developments in Italian cinema. More than a third of the films in Open Roads this year are documentaries or by documentarians working in fiction, with rich and fascinating results. All films are New York premieres unless otherwise noted.


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Here are some of the movies that you can watch on Open Roads:


Those Happy Years

Daniele Luchetti | 2013 | 100 mins

Opening Night


U.S. Premiere. Q&A with filmmaker Daniele Luchetti at both screenings.

Luchetti’s warm-hearted, bittersweet autobiographical account of his childhood as a budding filmmaker captures a family’s radical transformations through a son’s brand-new Super-8 camera.


The Administrator

Vincenzo Marra | 2013 | 83 mins

U.S. Premiere. Q&A with actor Umberto Montella at both screenings.

In this lively and absorbing documentary set in Naples, a building administrator’s dealings with his larger-than-life tenants provide a tough-minded yet affectionate look at an Italy mired in crisis.


The Fifth Wheel

Giovanni Veronesi | 2013 | 113 mins

U.S. Premiere. Q&A with filmmaker Giovanni Veronesi at June 6 screening.

Veronesi’s irresistible romantic comedy journeys through four decades of recent Italian history on the back of a good-hearted, honest middle-class guy who always finds himself a step behind.

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