Elderly New Yorkers, Here for the Duration

Chuck and Cindy Nemser have lived in a townhouse in Park Slope for 47 years. Until she began suffering from unexplained nerve pain a few years ago, Ms. Nemser, 77, an art historian and writer, would happily retreat to her third-floor office where she could work undisturbed. There’s plenty of wall space for the couple’s art collection, and ample storage for Mr. Nemser’s cache of fishing poles.


But the stairs have become increasingly difficult for Ms. Nemser to negotiate, and late this spring, Mr. Nemser, 80, an independent salesman, retired. The time was ripe to put the house on the market.


But let’s be clear: Leaving town isn’t an option. “I love the arts and I want to stay in New York,” Ms. Nemser said.


She speaks for thousands.

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