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Energy Deregulation in New York introduced competition, providing an opportunity for consumers to choose who supplies their energy – either their utilities (ConEd and National Grid) or a third-party supplier known as Energy Service Company (ESCO). In addition to offering lower electricity and gas rates, an ESCO can provide other energy options, not otherwise available by your local traditional utility company, such as renewable green energy (solar, wind or hydropower) and fixed-rate plans.

Your electricity consumption consists of two parts – delivery and supply. You are not completely replacing your utility ConEd, as it will still deliver your electricity and bill you, but you can choose another energy company for your supply part. The process consists of filling out their online application and it takes 1 to 2 billing cycles to process. There are no appointments to make, there are no interruptions in service and there is still one bill from ConEd, which simply be modified to reflect your new supplier.

Compare ESCOs and their rates and choose the cheapest electricity or gas provider to reduce energy expense. Go to to get various quotes and decide what might be the right solution for you.


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