Top NYC apartment buildings with Santa-friendly rooftops

He sees us when we’re sleeping, so we already know Santa has an affinity for floor-to-ceiling windows; we figure when he hits NYC, he’ll start at the top–For now, that’s still 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. We’re sure he’s impressed by a lush rooftop garden like the ones at 15 Broad Street and 550 Vanderbilt in Brooklyn. And the cool factor and walls of glass at 520 West 28th Street are a likely distraction.

432 Park Avenue

The city’s tallest residential tower, the Rafael Viñoly-designed 1,396-foot-high building offers lucky boys and girls a four-floor fitness club and swimming pool, parking, a private residents’ restaurant and enough outdoor landscaped terrace space to dock an aircraft carrier, nevermind a sleigh. And we’re guessing the big guy will be finding more croissants and espresso than milk and cookies for his trouble at this address.

The Beresford, 211 Central Park West

With lighted beacons atop its three towers, Santa won’t need to put on his glasses to find this iconic Upper West Side fortress that offers the very image of postcard-worthy New York City from inside its palatial apartments and when it appears in pictures itself.

550 Vanderbilt Avenue

Another tough-to-resist rooftop will be growing in warmer weather at this new Brooklyn residence in the much-discussed Pacific Park development in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The roof garden not only has green space for strolling at almost every turn, but residents of the condominium will be able to sign up for their own plots in a 1,600 square foot rooftop farm on the 8th floor of one of its buildings.
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Source: city realty weekend update

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