Planning Digital Signage in New Residential Buildings

Modern times have brought numerous innovations to the world of real estate. In order to keep up with modern trends, many residential buildings have reinvented their structures. As dynamic digital content becomes increasingly popular, businesses around the world are embracing interactive and large-scale digital signage.

What Is Digital Signage and How Can It Help?

Digital signage, also called electronic signage, is a category of signage that uses LED and LCD screens to display different types of media, such as digital images, videos, web pages,or text as content. It can be found inside and outside buildings and business establishments. It works in different settings, including public spaces, churches, academic buildings, museums, sporting arenas, malls, restaurants, office buildings, train and bus stations, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of digital signage is having a self-owned advertising platform. It can significantly improve marketing efforts, as posting interesting, engaging content helps strengthen the message and promote your brand awareness.

Singapore’s ‘Tree House’

Tree House is a luxury residential development in Singapore. This high-rise is known as the world’s largest vertical garden, but it is much more than that. The multiple award-winning luxury estate has a series of smart, connected systems, such as motion sensor-controlled lighting and heat-reducing windows. The building’s digital signage goals include providing information such as live traffic updates, news, and weather reports, as well as offering advertising partners a wide audience (over 2000 people a day, including staff members, residents, and visitors). The screens are connected to Amazon Fire TV Sticks and informative content like the news channel is in rotation with management information and ads.

Joan Brothers, a cofounder at Smart NY Solutions, believes “digital communication enhances the lives of those living in residential spaces”.

One of the reasons she created Smart NY in 2019 was to address the digital needs she saw in her business dealings with her real estate company, Manhattan Boutique Real Estate, in New York City. COVID also really accentuated the need to communicate in a different way.  “Enjoying your home has become more experiential from interactive digital signage when you enter your building to the IoT in your apartment.”

Choosing the Right Place for Digital Signage

The location of digital signage should fit its purpose. The lobby can be a good place for digital signage, as a place to welcome visitors and inform them about the new details of the building. To make the most of digital signage in new residential buildings, find a place where everyone can see it without having to look up and twist their necks. For outdoor display, consider the size and purpose.

For situations such as this, the strategic consulting and experienced design team like Smart NY Solutions can provide a strategic plan to refine or identify tactical goals and milestones, while creating new visual representation and marketing approaches to applying new technologies, processes and experiences for constituents, customers or employees.

Planning for Upgrades

If done right, digital signage can make your property more attractive and boost revenues. Technology advances quickly, so it’s important that your digital signage system is easy to upgrade. The specifications of the signage system as well as its strengths and limitations must be determined. The hardware and software should flexible and compatible with other systems in case a better system becomes available.

Creating Suitable Content for Digital Signage in New Residential Buildings

Content for digital signage is even more important than its placement. In fact, it is the most important factor. To attract your target audience, create content that is creative, engaging, and visually appealing. To achieve this goal, first you must identify your target audience and key objectives.

To create appropriate content, combine videos, a collage of photos and text. set a loop or a playlist to play content on the digital signage.

  • The safety of the building and its tenants/owners should be high on the list of priorities. Security issues are not only a concern to the building’s tenants, but also to the property owner. If the owner doesn’t take proper preventative measures, liability may lead to major expenses. New residential buildings’ digital signage can improve preparedness for different scenarios. For example, something as simple as displaying emergency protocols and exit strategies to the building’s screens can help everyone feel safer.
  • To make tenants feel special and to keep them engaged, display a custom welcome message on your building’s digital signage whenever a new tenant moves into the building with the help of Heart Moving, NYC. This way, you’ll strengthen your relationship with new tenants while showing the tenants who moved in earlier that their building is still in demand. Hire a content manager for this as well.
  • New residential buildings’ digital signage is a great way to support green and philanthropic initiatives. Promote internal initiatives and market them building-wide in lobbies or on elevator screens.
  • Use screens to display high-resolution slideshows of active listings or play virtual tours of the property. In addition, include agent contact information or website, along with important property facts.
  • Sharing breaking local and national news is another way of connecting with tenants while keeping them informed.
  • New tenants may have a hard time adjusting to the building, especially when moving to an apartment after living in a bigger space. If a residential building has a complex layout and multiple lobbies, consider using digital signage to improve wayfinding. Periodically display a clear, easy-to-read building plan on your lobby screen to guide new tenants and help them find their way around.
  • Have tenants make their own contribution to the building’s signage. This is another way to make them engaged with their building. There are many ways to have fun with your digital signage. You just need a little creativity. For example, engage your tenants interactively by hosting a themed selfie contest and display the winning selfies. The goal is to make tenants as happy as possible with the entire experience, which results in higher retention rates.
  • Digital screens can also serve as a better alternative to emails. Things like safety protocols, construction notices, and contact information changes often end up unread when sent in the form of email. To make sure important messages get the attention they deserve, post them on digital signage.
  • Digital signage in new residential buildings is also an excellent branding tool. Any messages that pop up on the screen should include the company logo. Additionally, use the screen to highlight the biggest and most successful projects to impress residents and guests.

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