Minimalist Design Trends and Tips for 2021

The minimalist design originated at the beginning of the 20th century, where its clean principles started reflecting in architecture. The availability of glass, steel, and concrete dictated new designs resulting in a specific standardized way of building. The use of geometrical forms and shapes in furnishing and architecture became popular ever since, and now, 100 years later, these buildings still look modern. Therefore, it’s no wonder this style is trending as one of the most common contemporary designs. When it comes to minimalist design trends and tips for 2021, the accent is on purposed furnishing and open-concept homes, which provide longevity and timelessness for this particular concept.

Calming color palette

Colors play a significant role in the minimalist identity. A neutral, sophisticated color palette can transform the home into an oasis of serenity. The eye-resting colors that surround us should help us recover from a working day’s challenges. Using warm nude to earthy tones like biscuit and autumnal brown will get you there, especially if you want to achieve a sense of warmth in your New York home.

Going with neutral colors is smart when it comes to any interior design style.

Respect the consistency

When it comes to minimalistic design, the first rule would be to respect consistency. Your entire home or apartment should follow the same color palette, furnishing pattern, and décor style. “Color in apartments definitely influences our clients’ opinions of properties”, says Joan Brothers of Manhattan Boutique Real Estate.Experimenting with geometrical shapes is desirable, but not so much with color. Avoid drawing too much attention to any of the items in your apartment. Stick to neutral with careful accenting. You can never go wrong with neutrals or a monochromatic look because they emphasize some aspects over others. Spicing up the place with furniture and decor made of natural materials could create a great home atmosphere.

Natural light is part of the design

The window view is often the only wall decor in a minimalist interior. Most NYC homes that use this kind of design are high-story residences with magnificent scenery. Roller blind shades or thin neutral drapes are an efficient way to fill the room with light at any time and tone it down when necessary. The neutral colors will bring out the best of your home when combined with natural light. Every apartment would benefit from good lighting, no matter what kind of design and decoration you choose. Therefore, when redecorating your home this spring, enhance its best features.

Experimenting with a color palette is desirable, as long as it fits the same color intensity.

Minimalist state of mind

Living spaces should not be screaming for attention. They should provide a resting place for your mind and body. Still, we often wonder whether there will be enough space for all of our belongings. Before you even start considering applying this concept to your NYC home, you need to realize that interior design change dictates different physical and mental adjustments. To commit to this particular style, you need to be aware of the minimalist philosophy. Having sentiment towards material things is not something that agrees with this design. The main feature of it is an open space, with a lot of natural light and repetition. It’s clean, clear, and dictates order.

Perfect concept for city life

The minimalist interior design continues to trend in 2021, especially in big cities, where people have to deal with limited living areas and busy life. In a fast-paced urban life, creating a sense of tranquility in your own home could save you from the many negative influences of your surroundings. Minimalist designs are perfect for NYC studio apartments, where the entire living space fits in one limited area. Plus, it’s easy to maintain it. You cannot make your apartment bigger, but you can create an illusion of more space with the right design and furnishing. Having distractions lying around you can lead to a lack of focus and decreased productivity.

Focus on functional and unadorned geometric furniture pieces

Practical and functional homes are essential for cozy and comfortable living. It’s no different when it comes to furnishing space with minimalist items. With functionality, we need to respect the form. For example, mid-century modern furniture goes great with this design because it combines clean geometrical lines and shapes with natural elements that add a specific texture.

Every home is a unique, carefully assembled, functional space. If looking for a fresh start when moving to your NYC apartment, deciding to go with contemporary designs wouldn’t be a mistake. However, think about your possessions before the move. After you’ve decided which pieces of furniture will fit, organize a hassle-free transfer to the new home by hiring reliable residential movers. Remember, the entire relocation to New York will be much cheaper if you commit to minimalist design trends and tips for 2021.

Minimalist design is anything but sterile

Following the minimalist concept while furnishing your home might seem easy on paper. Still, you need to be careful about the line between sterile and tasteful aesthetic restraint of minimalist design. A painting, rug, lamp – adding some of these items will break the monotony while respecting the concept, as long as you know the limit. Anything that brings some texture into basic design could be considered a good fit for this layout. Minimalism aims to bring harmonious balance to residential spaces, using simple compositions with meaningful furnishing and color palette.

Wooden interior design elements

Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture in your minimalist home interior

Smart storage solutions

Aesthetic restraint is noticeable in architecture as much as it is in clean interior design forms. Its principles are based on ergonomics and functionality. Because of this, floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets and closets utilize the space in the best way. With built-in storage capacity, the apartment can gain 20% more free space. Therefore, if you are interested in minimalist design trends and tips for 2021, remember – quality and functionality come before quantity. Creating the perfect concept in your home or workspace is achievable if you focus on practicality and get rid of unessential things from your life.


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