How to Turn Your NYC Apartment into a Serene Home

Everybody who lives in NYC knows the hustle and bustle from the streets can be a lot sometimes. So, why not make your apartment a haven away from all this madness! Even though most NYC apartments have limited space, there are still a few decorating tricks you can use to create your own little sanctuary. After all, this city may never sleep, but you’re definitely allowed to.

Joan Brothers of Manhattan Boutique Real Estate thinks of NYC as the “concrete jungle” so to relax, she recommends getting out and using your local park. Hers is Central Park where she gets to enjoy the beauty of nature. She suggests that you make sure to bring some of the green into your home so you feel tranquility in your home too.

Therefore, we made the ultimate guide on how to turn your NYC apartment into a serene home. So, keep reading to find out how to calm the chaos and give your home a more welcoming vibe!

Organize your space

We can all agree that living in an NYC apartment can get messy at times. It’s the limited space and fast pace of life that get in our way. However, even small spaces can be cozy if you’re organized. So, if you want to turn your NYC apartment into a serene home, you’ll have to think of smart ways to maximize the limited space you have.

The organization is all about the mindset. You have to think about how you want to live. Ask yourself what makes you feel at home and what calms you down. Then, set the goals for what you want to achieve when it comes to your home. Do you want an open space filled with cozy cushions and blankets, an apartment full of artwork on the walls, or maybe both? What can you do to make your apartment breathe?

Getting organized isn’t about hiding everything you own; it’s about establishing the appropriate balance between open and closed storage. Utilitarian items can be carefully hidden in closets, drawers, and boxes, allowing more decorative and personal items like vases, candle holders, photos, and coffee table books to take center stage on open shelves and surfaces.


One of the biggest problems of living in an NYC apartment is the lack of storage space. That’s why they quickly become cluttered. And a messy house can never become a serene home. So, think about all those items you have but never use. Now it’s time to get rid of them – donate, recycle, or throw them away. Only leave things that you actually use and have some personal value!

Of course, there will be some things that you need but only use once in a while. That’s where storage or plastic moving bins come in handy. These little lifesavers will help you declutter your NYC apartment in no time. They represent a safe and fast storage solution for all the stuff you need but take a lot of space in your apartment. It’s like the closed storage we talked about earlier – not everything needs to be displayed on our shelves. The guys from Capital City Bins NYC say that this is a very popular storage solution among New Yorkers trying to maximize space in their homes.

Choose the right lighting 

To turn your NYC apartment into a serene home, you’ll have to choose the right lighting. It’s a known fact that the way a room is illuminated can significantly impact how you feel. Natural sunlight and a soothing golden glow are proven to be the source of positive energy. So, make sure you go in that direction when choosing lighting solutions for your NYC apartment.

However, too much direct sunlight can be damaging to your space. So, think about hanging curtains or installing double windows. This way, the outpouring natural light will be blocked at times, and, as a plus, your neighbors won’t be able to see into your apartment. This all creates a more welcoming and calmer space for you.

Additionally, think about layering the light. This is crucial for creating focal points in your apartment. You don’t want overhead lighting at night. Instead, turn on a floor or a table lamp and create a more intimate vibe. You can even light a few scented candles for a serene atmosphere.

What about colors and textures?

When it comes to turning your NYC apartment into a serene home, you should definitely choose subtle textures and colors over eye-catching hues and vivid textures. You don’t want to live in a home where all the colors and textures scream and overwhelm your home.

So, if you genuinely want to make it tranquil, making a room bright and having all of the elements and pieces of that room in the same hue tend to create a calming visual experience. Therefore, neutral tones are always a good idea. People also find soft grays and pale blues soothing and relaxing.

Interestingly, dark colors can make your bedroom look more cozy and serene. It almost creates a cocoon-like feeling. And who doesn’t want that? So, don’t be afraid to try it.

When it comes to texture, natural materials such as cotton, linen, and wood can bring out the homey and serene atmosphere of your home. Every home needs to embrace the texture to become cozy. And what better textures than the ones from nature, right?

There is one thing that combines the calmness of colors and the coziness of natural textures – plants. It is said that green is the color of peace, so what more reason do you need? Whether you decide to start a little indoor herb garden or to put a few plants in the corners of your NYC apartment, this green oasis will bring a serene vibe to your home.

Embrace the calming scents

Creating a serene ambiance is not all about visual experience. It’s about pleasing your sense of smell as well. Just like lightning, the scents significantly affect our mood as well. So, choose a scent that will make you feel comfortable and content at all times. You can never go wrong with lavender and fresh green scents. The spa-like atmosphere created by these two tones will instantly relax you and create a moment of ease. Moreover, make sure to air the room regularly. After all, a stuffy home can never be a serene home.


As you can see, If you want to turn your NYC apartment into a serene home, it will require indulgence to all your senses. It’s not all about aesthetics. Sometimes, you’ll have to choose comfort over visual appearance. But, believe us, it’s absolutely worth it. If you follow all these steps, you’ll have the coziest and most peaceful apartment in NYC. So, what are you waiting for?

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