The Most Desirable Apartment Amenities in NYC

The ideal New York City apartment has always been something to aspire to. Moving to the Big Apple to chase your dreams usually includes a place to live. However, when you say you live in an apartment in New York, some people will imagine a small, overpriced downtown pad. On the other hand, others will think of spacious penthouse lofts. While the perfect amenities can vary from person to person, some trends are consistently present. Whether you are buying, selling, or looking to rent – it’s always good to be in the loop with what’s popular. Here is a list of the most desirable apartment amenities in NYC. We have divided them into a few categories based on the owner’s ability to influence these features.

  1. Amenities you can add

Make your apartment more desirable to tenants and buyers by adding features and amenities which most people are looking for:

  • Washer and dryer. No one wants to be forced to use the public laundromat. Even going down to the building’s basement is seen as less desirable when compared to having the washing machine in the apartment itself. As an apartment owner, your best bet is to outfit your property with a combo washer-dryer so that it takes up less space. Keep in mind that not all buildings in NY will allow you to install a washer/dryer, so you should check with the building management first.
  • Air conditioning. There’s no denying it – global warming is a real issue, and summers are getting hotter every year. AC has become one of the most desirable apartment amenities in NYC. Centralized air conditioning is preferred, but any other option is welcome, as well.
  • Smart appliances. Smart homes have become increasingly popular, especially with millennials who are integrating technology into every aspect of their lives. The young generation of tenants expects comfort at the press of a button, even if done remotely. Luckily, it is possible to outfit your apartment with a few state-of-the-art gadgets and satisfy that tech urge.
  1. Amenities that come with the building

Some features aren’t exactly up to you, and they depend more on the way the building was constructed, or they may be up to the decisions of the building management. Here are the most desirable apartment amenities in NYC that come with the building:

  • Building security. The need for security is on the rise, and tenants in NYC are choosing apartments with safety features or ones in safe neighborhoods. A huge bonus is if your building has a doorman or any other type of on-site security. Having cameras or an intercom is also a plus.
  • Elevator. No one likes taking the stairs, especially when they are carrying groceries or other shopping. Some turn-of-the-century buildings don’t have elevators, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be an issue if your apartment isn’t on a high floor.
  • Pet-friendly policies. Living in a pet-friendly building is a must for some people, and if they can’t take their pets with them, they might opt out of the apartment. Even if you don’t have pets yourself, what happens when you move out or sell? Pet-friendly policies ensure that all future tenants will have no issues bringing their pets with them.
  • Private gym. Gyms used to be a feature reserved for high-end properties. However, with Covid lockdown measures, public gyms took a long time to reopen. The luxury of working out without leaving the building is a feature more and more tenants are looking for. For that reason, some buildings have opted to re-purpose their communal spaces and turn them into fitness centers.
  1. Over the top wish lists

The mere fact that something is unrealistic won’t stop people from dreaming about it. Landlords report that a surprising number of inquiries have been made for the following amenities:

  • Child care facilities. On-premises child care facilities can be a huge draw for young parents. Most jobs will keep both parents busy throughout the day, and at the same time, many people have switched to working from home. These two factors have led to a rise in demand for child care nearby, and what is closer than a facility in the same building as the apartment?
  • Spacious apartments. When it comes to New York apartments – space is always an issue. No apartment is perfect, and when you are picking a place to live, you will probably need to make some compromises. If you are a landlord who wants to rent out their unit, it is a good idea to avoid cluttering your apartment and keep your space neat. The same goes for people who are selling their apartments. Empty apartments let prospective buyers and renters visualize what they could do with the place once they move in.
  • A breathtaking view. Understandably, most tenants want a view of the water or a high enough apartment to give them a glimpse of the city skyline. Unfortunately, only a small number of apartments are adequately positioned to afford the breathtaking vistas everyone desires. Most people are stuck staring at their neighbors’ windows. If your apartment comes with a view – you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones. 

Joan Brothers of Manhattan Boutique Real Estate shares this view from one of MBRE’s listing in 22 North 6th Street.

In summary

Regardless of which side of the apartment hunting equation you are on, it’s always good to know the most desirable apartment amenities in NYC. Owners will want to be adequately informed so they can negotiate a better price for their property. Market it in a way that promotes its best features, and you will draw a lot of attention. The flip side of the coin has buyers and renters who need to decide which features are actually important and which they are willing to give up on. Try to be realistic – there is no way you can have everything when hunting for an apartment. Determine what’s essential for you and stick to your guns.

Meta description: If you are on the hunt for an apartment, you need to know what features are trending. Here are the most desirable apartment amenities in NYC.

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