HVAC Maintenance Tips Condo Owners Need to Know

The irony of the perfect temperature is that you don’t notice it. You’re only ever aware of the temperature in your home if it’s suddenly too cold or too warm – and then, you can’t ignore it no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, regular HVAC maintenance can ensure your condo stays the ideal temperature. Here are some tips condo owners can use to make sure their heating and cooling systems do the trick:

Why It Matters

A poorly-maintained HVAC system can cause serious problems:

  • Without proper heating and cooling, extreme weather can lead to major health issues.
  • Moreover, HVAC systems keep your air free of dust and other allergens.
  • Finally, if your HVAC is running at its best, you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills.

What You Can Do Yourself

DIY HVAC maintenance should be a staple chore:

When You Need A Pro

Don’t make an expensive (or dangerous) DIY mistake with these issues:

  • Always hire trained technicians to handle major or urgent repairs.
  • Here’s a list of major HVAC warning signs that could indicate a health or safety risk.
  • If your HVAC unit makes loud noises or runs continuously, odds are you need a tech to replace a part.
  • A variety of problems can cause your unit to blow out hot air instead of cold, so hiring a pro will help you find the right issue ASAP.
  • You may need window repairs if a broken window is letting in cold or hot air from outside.

If you take good care of your HVAC system, it can serve you well for many years. Keep up on regular maintenance and hire a pro for the big stuff, and your condo can be the perfect temperature, no matter the weather!

Joan Brothers, President of Manhattan Boutique Real Estate says “We make sure to help our investor owners keep in touch with the HVAC maintenance companies so they keep their condos in tip top rental shape”

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