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Where to watch movies outside in NYC this summer

One of the best summer activities is returning to New York City: outdoor movies. Here’s a preliminary list of places to watch outdoor movies across the city.

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Buying without a broker to gain an edge: The risks of working with a dual agent

As a buyer in New York City—where the real estate market now favors sellers and is becoming increasingly competitive—you’re probably looking for all the ways to spin deals back to your favor.

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Mystery buyer snaps up two condos for combined $157.5million on NYC’s Billionaire’s Row

The purchase of the two units at 220 Central Park South on Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row was made through a limited liability company which allows the buyer to remain anonymous.

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Over 60% of Manhattan office workers will return in September: survey

Employers project 62 percent of workers will come back to Manhattan. That’s up 47 percent from projections made in March. And as of the end of May, 12 percent of Manhattan employees had returned to the workplace.

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Dialogues with the Unseen: Short Films from Southeast Asia

A common thread connecting many of the singular and diverse cultures across Southeast Asia. The films in this program, made by artists from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Summer on the Hudson: Harlem Moves with Limón Dance Company

Join the world-renowned Limón Company Dancers as they teach the energetic and ease-filled Limón Technique, accompanied by live music. No experience necessary. 

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2021 Spring Gala: Music of the ’80s

To keep everyone safe, this year’s gala is reimagined as an intimate, outdoor dinner for up to 150 gala and exhibition donors. The evening will also feature a sneak peek of the Museum’s new blockbuster exhibition.

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Remote Work Won’t Kill New York

During this pandemic, too, many relatively wealthy city-dwellers sought safe haven outside of cities. The job market and desire for independence are sure to encourage many to flock back.

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The 34 best outdoor dining spots in NYC

Outdoor dining in NYC has always been a huge part of summer in the city but this year it’s bigger than ever. This collection of the best outdoor restaurants are the ones that have more permanent outdoor dining set-ups.

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Condo or co-op: Decide what’s best for you

If you’re on the hunt to buy an apartment, one thing is crucial before beginning your search: decide if a condo and cooperative is right for you.

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Younger New Yorkers Prop Up Lagging Rental Market

Young families led an exodus out of New York City during the pandemic. College students and recent graduates are leading a return.

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How Cities Are Coming Back Stronger Post-COVID

New York’s recovery, and the city and real estate industry’s adaptation to new workforce normals created by the pandemic, depends on leadership.

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