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Free online courses from all colleges and many ivy leagues – all online

Social distancing and self quarantine made us stay at home and probably prevent us from ding the things we’re used to. Now is the time to learn free courses online.

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7 Beautiful Moments of Solidarity Against Coronavirus

In that same spirit, Global Citizen has launched “Together At Home” — a virutal concert series featuring musicians and artists live-streaming performances every day over Instagram from home to audiences around the world, to help combat isolation.

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Donate your unused Metrocard to an essential worker

Many of us have Metrocards with balances on them, but we won’t be able to use our cards for a while. Let’s give them to people who can.

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20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home

Virtual experiences are themselves extraordinary—fitting proxies for the real thing when that real thing is momentarily out of reach. Enjoy earth’s most impressive treasures: natural wonders; works of art; architectural miracles and much more.

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Cuomo allowing virtual notarizations during crisis

The real estate industry is cheering an executive order by Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday that allows the temporary virtual notarization of documents that would normally have to be notarized in person.

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DFS issues New Emergency Regulation requiring NY regulated financial institutions to provide financial relief to New Yorkers demonstrating financial hardship from COVID-19 pandemic

This emergency regulation is adopted pursuant to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Executive Order No. 202.9.

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How to Practice Social Distancing

As Americans and people around the world are being asked to help halt the spread of the coronavirus, we have frequently been told to practice social distancing.

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COVID-19 Recommended Practices to Facilitate Remote Real Estate Closings Using Technology

In the aspects of the real estate business, REBNY has developed the following recommendations to help facilitate remote real estate transactions using technology

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Meet the Founders of Invisible Hands, the Group Delivering Supplies—and Joy—During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Invisible Hands is an initiative serving elderly citizens and other high-risk people who are confined to their homes. Volunteers, field orders through its website, safely shops and delivers to their homes.

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Anna Wintour Shares a Pledge to Stay at Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

There is no more important rule for all of us to follow. We must, right this moment, pledge to stay in our homes as much as we possibly can. Social distancing is the only way to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and to protect those who are most vulnerable to it.

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All Non-Essential Workers Ordered to Work from Home

All nonessential employees must work from home, by order of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as the pandemic shows no signs of slowing in New York.

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What Is a Shelter-In-Place Order?

As the San Francisco Bay Area officially declares a “shelter-in-place” command to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and the same course of action is discussed as a possibility in New York City.

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