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Now That’s a City View

There are a handful of co-ops and condos that deliver what they promise, offering front-and-center panoramas of clock towers, streams of headlights and secret rooftop pools usually invisible to people who don’t live there.

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Living in the First Passive-House High-Rise

Over the last 10 years, the passive house, a form of green design that originated in Germany, has surged in popularity. By creating an airtight building envelope with thick, insulated walls and triple-paned windows.

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Rates are low, and mortgages are cheap. So why aren’t Americans buying more homes?

Interest rates are dropping and mortgages are at their cheapest in years, while US consumer spending is alive and well. Sounds like the housing market should be on fire — but it isn’t.

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Infused Burrata Making

Sweet, mild, milky, and wonderful, Burrata is the food version of Beyonce—a good choice anytime, anywhere, and for any reason.

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Mortgage interest deduction cap: Is it that big a deal

Tax reform capped at $750,000 the amount of mortgage and home equity debt for which you can deduct interest. For many housing markets, that’s still a lot of money.

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There’s a Soaring New Residential Tower Above New York’s Museum of Modern Art

53 West 53, a new residential tower built directly above New York City’s renowned MoMA, And while the 1,050-foot structure has effectively emblazoned itself across New York City’s skyline, its interiors have remained largely out of the public eye—until now.

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Amazon Is Now Selling an Expandable Tiny House That Requires Zero DIY Work

Tiny house lovers can get this prefab, expandable tiny home — complete with a bathroom, kitchen, and a solar and wind power system — on Amazon. The under-$25,000 tiny house features everything you need.

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New rent laws impact co-op and condo conversions

This bulletin provides a summary of the changes, as well as policy recommendations to the attorney general’s office to ensure that tenant protection and homeownership opportunities are equally balanced under the new law.

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Breaking Down the New Rent Laws and What They Mean for the Real Estate Industry

In 1920, the New York State legislature passed the first emergency tenant protection laws, which sought to protect tenants from New York City landlords who could raise rents every month in the midst of a widespread housing shortage after World War I.

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NYC Sales Market Strengthens, But Inventory Surplus Remains

With a higher New York City mansion tax looming, buyers and sellers rushed to close deals on expensive homes in the second quarter of 2019, driving the median recorded sale price in Manhattan to a record high of an 11% increase from last year

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Ten Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Summer is upon us and if you have a pet, it can be an especially enjoyable time to be outside at the park, pool, or just take a long stroll around the city. Here are some tips on how to keep your furry friends comfortable and safe this summer.

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20 things you should look out for before you buy property

Here’s a checklist to ensure you’ll be happy with your choice as a first home buyer entering the market, or an investor, buying a property.

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