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The top 10 biggest real estate projects coming to NYC

A Bronx warehouse topped the list of largest projects in New York City. Queens led the way with four projects followed by Brooklyn with three, the Bronx with two and Manhattan with one.

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Update on the New York State Budget Agreement

The Real Estate Board of New York was engaged on these issues throughout the budget process and we are currently assessing our state legislative priorities as the session continues throughout the month of June.

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Seeking a Harmonious Life With Feng Shui

Feng shui is not a one-size-fits-all thing. The client’s relationship to a home is then determined by his or her gender and date of birth. If you want to try some feng shui for yourself you can try these tips.

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U.K. Defends Buying $16 Million New York Penthouse for Diplomat

The British Foreign Office defended spending almost $16 million to buy an apartment for a diplomat in New York as “the best possible deal and value for money” and a way to promote Britain’s business interests in the city.

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N.Y. Had a Plan for a ‘Pied-à-Terre’ Tax on Expensive Homes. The Real Estate Industry Stopped It

The proposal to tax luxury second homes in NYC seemed to encapsulate the goals of the Capitol’s new leadership: The bill would simultaneously help pay for public transit, vex real estate developers and target the überwealthy.

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How to Protect Your Smart Home From Hackers

Smart home devices can make life more convenient, but may put you at risk of being hacked. Ensure your safety with a few simple measures.

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Manhattan Boutique Real Estate Supports A Painting Artist from China

Manhattan Boutique Real Estate as a local expert for New York real estate does not only guide buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters through this market. It also supports emerging artist as part of its social responsibility for its global and local clients.

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Spying on the Dog (or Cat)

Do you really want to know what your pets are doing while you’re away? Surely a pet cam was the answer. These Wi-Fi-enabled cameras come loaded with features to entertain animals and assuage their absentee owners’ guilt.

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14 Ways to Use Living Room Furniture for Storage

Keep clutter to a minimum by concealing and organizing your living room necessities. These 14 pieces of furniture will help you store more with style.

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How Luxury Developers Use a Loophole to Build Soaring Towers for the Ultrarich in N.Y.

New York City’s complicated building regulations are meant to produce predictable developments. Height requirements are imposed in most of the city, though parts of Manhattan are exempt.

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Translating Broker Babble

Real estate brokers have their own language when writing up property listings. There’s a reason for the euphemisms. Listing agents work for sellers, not buyers, and they have a delicate dance to do. Let us decipher it for you.

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HSBC the World’s Bank

You may know HSBC as being the international bank with the red hexagon. Although not as prominent in the U.S. as Bank of America or Wells Fargo, HSBC is one to compete with especially if you’re looking for a home loan.

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