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Millions of Americans moved during the pandemic — and most aren’t looking back

Americans fled big cities in droves to escape the coronavirus pandemic — and many of them are staying, permanently or indefinitely. But escape means something different depending on whom you ask.

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Will San Francisco, New York and other big cities recover from COVID-19? What a post-vaccine city could look like

With the COVID-19 vaccine beginning to roll out, how the biggest cities in the United States — economic engines and cultural cauldrons return from the deadliest global health crisis in a century may in some ways foreshadow how the United States bounces back.

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Quarterly New Building Construction Pipeline Report

REBNY’s Quarterly New Construction Pipeline Report says there was a slight increase in building filings — 411 — in the third quarter, compared to the previous two quarters (360 and 386).

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11 things we can actually look forward to in NYC in 2021

From landmark exhibitions at New York City’s best cultural institutions to the opening of new parks and programs, there’s a lot to look forward to in the city in 2021.

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These Four Colors Will Dominate Our Homes in 2021

With a new year comes the promise of a fresh start—and maybe a fresh coat of paint. Five industry experts reveal the color trends that will emerge in 2021. These are the hues that will usher in a new beginning, provide healing and comfort, and instill confidence.

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COVID-19 dramatically changed what people want in a home—and Ikea has the data to prove it

Every year, Ikea surveys tens of thousands of people from around the world to make sense of their behaviors at home. As to be expected, the results were starkly different this year.

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NYC’s climate change concern theater

The real estate industry understands and is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions from all parts of our economy, including buildings, transportation, waste and more.

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2021: Real Estate’s Revival and 5 Big Trends to Watch

So did COVID-19 mark the end of a decades-long renaissance for America’s cities? Not so fast, according to the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) latest trends report.

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Should New York’s Midtown offices become apartments?

THE pandemic is pummelling New York City’s commercial real estate industry, one of its main economic engines, threatening the future of the nation’s largest business districts as well as the city’s finances.

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Renters return to Manhattan, driving 30% gain in new leases in November

The number of new leases in November jumped 30% compared with a year ago. That marked the strongest November in 12 years, with more than 4,000 new leases. The median rent price is now $2,743, with most landlords offering more than two months free rent.

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Pantone’s Color of the Year Is Really Weird—Just Like Everything Else Right Now

Today, Pantone released its official Color of the Year for 2021. Or I should say colors of the year, because the branding company chose to highlight two very different hues: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray,

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Manhattan rental vacancies decline for first time since onset of pandemic

The number of empty apartments in Manhattan dropped last month for the first time since the pandemic began upending New York’s real estate industry, a sign that the borough’s rental market may have reached the early stages of recovery.

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