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African American Day Parade

The African American Day Parade, Inc. (AADP) is proud to celebrate 50 years in the legendary Harlem, New York on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 1PM.

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Summer Sounds Featuring Dandy Wellington

Dandy Wellington visits OSH for a free outdoor concert produced by the Saghir Lewis team at Halstead Real Estate, as well as a community get-together for all ages.

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These stars had the sexiest runway looks at New York Fashion Week

From supermodel Gigi Hadid to “Real Housewife” Lisa Rinna, New York Fashion Week 2019 had serious — and sexy — star power. Here are some of the hottest catwalk strutters.

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9/11 memorials and ceremonies across New York City

Eighteen years later, New York City is still reeling from the effects of the devastating terror attack. The grief never gets easier and so we continue to remember in our own ways.

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Laureus Fashion Show

During New York Fashion Week, star athletes will trade their jerseys for high fashion as they walk the runway to support our mission. The Laureus Fashion Show Gala will be co-hosted by Summer Sanders and Nigel Barker.

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Here’s Where to Eat and Drink During New York Fashion Week 2019

New York Fashion Week returns from September 6 to 11. Here are the drinking and dining essentials for New York Fashion Week 2019.

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How to Buy a Sectional Sofa

Sectionals often have dozens of different modules, so they can be customized for specific spaces and uses. They’re not just big — they’re a big investment, too. So how do you figure out which sofa and what components you need?

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Where to find New York City’s secret waterfalls

New York state is home to many spectacular waterfalls that are worthy of any bucket list, but if you know where to look, there are a surprising amount of waterfalls to discover right here in the concrete jungle of New York City.

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Why New York harbor is the cleanest it’s been in 110 years

For at least a century, humpback whales hadn’t been seen near the shores. But in 2010, several boaters swore they’d spotted the 66,000-pound humpback whales gliding past the five boroughs.

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Condo Boards: Learn Before You Buy

Most condos have condo associations, often called “community associations” or “condo boards.” They dictate how the property is cared for, what updates you can make to it, and what maintenance and repair tasks you’ll be responsible for.

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Can a Puppy Help Sell Your Home?

As an innovative way to draw attention to the pet-friendly building, some brokers are bringing their love for animals to work and showing properties with shelter animals in tow.

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Hester Street Fair’s Labor Day Lobster & Beer

Are you hungry for Lobster and Beer?! Of course, you are! We’re back with our extra popular event Lobster & Beer for the second time this season. Come out and grab a lobster roll before they’ve all been taken, and lay back in the grass.

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