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3 Lincoln Center Condo, 160 West 66th Street


3 Lincoln Center Condo, 160 West 66th Street


3 Lincoln Center Condo is an exceptional condo on the West Side of Manhattan providing a welcoming grand lobby and staff. The building is located next to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.


After the building was completed in 1993, 3 Lincoln Center became a familiar and recognizable site in the surrounding buildings of  Lincoln Center. The condominium's private residence starts on the 16th floor because the first 15 floors are occupied by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.


All 344 units in the building boast views from their all glass walls of windows, with higher floors enjoying sweeping vistas of the Hudson River and/or Manhattan skyline.  Aside from being an investor friendly building, residents may also have pets.


Another factor that draws residents to the Lincoln Center area is access to Central Park. The development of Lincoln Center , which sits at the crossroads of Broadway and Columbus Avenue, helped usher in a new area of luxury in the Upper West Side.


An attractive feature of the neighborhood is the combination of transportation options including multiple subway lines running along Broadway and Central Park West and multiple bus routes that provide easy access in and out of the area. Being in close proximity to restaurants and shopping destinations including the Apple Store, AMC Movie Theater, among many others, makes this a highly desirable neighborhood.


Neighborhood : Upper West Side Columbus Circle


Columbus Circle is a point from which all official distances from New York City are measured. The name is also used for the neighborhood a few blocks around the circle in each direction. Read more…


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