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The East Village


The East Village is a neighborhood in Manhattan in New York City, lying east of Greenwich Village, south of Gramercy and Stuyvesant Town, and north of the Lower East Side. The area maintained a district character before and after its secession from the Lower East Side. Today new condo projects have risen alongside the neighborhood’s token tenements as developers buy up property. Several subway lines make stops on the neighborhood’s northern, eastern and southern edges, and including the L at Third and First Avenues, the 6 at Astor Place and the F at Second Avenue, but eastern part of the East Village are best accessed by bus, foot or taxi.


The East Village is technically a part of the Lower East Side but began developing its own identity in the 1970’s when it became a mecca of artist, musicians, students and writers. St. Mark’s Place (East 8th Street), one of the neighborhood’s most famous streets, is lined with bars, restaurants and shops and a popular strip for tourist to visit.


Despite decades of gratification, the neighborhood retains its flavor with neighborhood’s park, bargain restaurants, indie record stores and bars. Recent years have seen an influx of standout bars, while a wealth of reasonably priced eateries with followings has made the East Village a magnet for budget-minded foodies.


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