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Upper West Side Columbus Circle


Columbus Circle is a traffic circle and heavily trafficked intersection in the new York City borough of Manhattan, located at the intersection of Eight Avenue, Broadway, Central Park South (West 59th Street), and Central Park West, at the southwest corner of Central Park. It is a point from which all official distances from New York City are measured. The name is also used for the neighborhood a few blocks around the circle in each direction. To the south of the circle in each direction. To the south of the circle lies Hell’s Kitchen, also known as “Clinton”, and the Theater District, and to the north is the Upper West Side.


The monument at the center of Columbus Circle, created by Italian Sculptor Gaetano Russo was erected as part of New York’s 1892 commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Americas.


Few addresses in New York real estate as instantly recognizable or as synonymous with luxury as the Time Warner Center. The opulent condominiums for sale at 25 Columbus Circle are full-spectrum masterpieces of luxury apartment living.



Landmark Buildings and Distinguished Addresses


The Avery
The Aldyn, 60 Riverside Boulevard
200 West End Avenue
The Harrison, 205 West 76th Street
3 Lincoln Center Condo, 160 West 66th Street
Park Laurel Condo, 15 West 63rd Street
Trump International Hotel & Tower, 1 Central Park West
15 Central Park West, Lincoln Square
The Essex House, 160 Central Park South


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