Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Services Provided by a Dedicated Global Team

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”– Albert Einstein

We differentiate ourselves in the New York Market by the way we work with our clients, our buyers, our sellers, and our renters.  While every sized NYC real estate firm has access to all the properties listed on the MLS Real Estate System, we feel that our style of client servicing sets us apart from the rest. We are accessible and responsive. With a quick phone call, Skype, or email, we can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. Buyers and sellers working with Manhattan Boutique Real Estate (MBRE NY) will interact directly with a principal of the firm who is fully engaged and will oversee the entire process.  Dealing with real estate is a unique process for each client. There is a real art to match clients with properties. We try to “make everything as simple as possible”.  We feel that by understanding our sophisticated clients’ unique investment needs, we use our knowledge and credibility to create a smooth, successful, and enjoyable real estate experience.

For condominiums, cooperatives and townhouses, we know the neighborhoods and the signature buildings in New York City that fit the various uses and aspirations of our distinctive clientele. Our real estate services include:

  • Luxury condominium sales and rentals
  • Townhouse and cooperative sales and rentals
  • Long and short term luxury rentals; furnished and unfurnished

Professional and Consulting Services

Our relationships do not begin and end with a property search or sale. We pride ourselves on being able to counsel our clients through every step of the real estate process by leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge. Our intent is that, whether on the buy or sell side of the equation, we have our clients best interests at heart. We are more than happy to assist our clients beyond a sale or purchase, and frequently provide services or connections to services such as:

  • Real estate consulting for investment properties and new construction
  • Commercial real estate consulting
  • Property management companies

An Extended Team to Assist with Your Real Estate Needs

Whether you are looking for a property for investment, primary residence, weekday address, business travel, diplomatic assignment, family use, or entertainment , our goal is to make you comfortable, “at home”, and to help you to get to know our city … our world. With our wide network of business connections, we assist clients with related services to help them get settled in their new property which includes:

  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Mortgage Brokers and Bankers
  • U.S. and International Tax Accountants and Financial Planners
  • Appraisers
  • Architects
  • Developers and Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Building Property Managers
  • U.S. Education Advisors
  • EB-5 Immigration Attorneys
  • Relocation services
  • Insurance services
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Tours, travel and hotel arrangements


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